Finally, an innovative solution to avoid medication errors -

Comprehensive Health Care Management

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Finally, an innovative solution to avoid medication errors -

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Why Engage RMS

What is your LIFE worth

� In the united States alone approximately 200,000 "preventative deaths" occur each year as a result medication errors.

� In many cases, analysis by RMS professionals will identify where medications by patients produce adverse(but preventative) reactions (i.e. headaches, cramping, blindness, insomia etc.)

� RMS systems take away the quesswork that physicians encounter during visits and takes the burden off of the patient as it relates to having to memorize all the medications they use.

� In most cases, insurances companies pay the cost to RMS services (no cost to patient).

� Having RMS in your life provides an additional advocate for your good health and future wellness.

Key Facts


Cost to patients

Accepted Insurances

Communications ICON

Right Medication Solutions accepts most insurances including MediCare, Medicaid and commercial pay insurances. For your convenience, we bill the insurance plan directly.


The RMS advantage

� Comprehensive prescription and non-prescription analysis.

� Blood work to determine your current health status.

� Professional experienced staff of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

� Working affiliate partnerships with patient's physicians and medical providers.

� Helping patients achieve cost savings (through eliminating unnecessary medications) whenever possible.

� Complete and proactive privacy structures to ensure patient records are ONLY viewed by pre-approved professionals and individuals.

� Endorsement and reimbursements from majority of insurance providers.

� Professional home visits, or other convenient locations, to make the patient's life easier.

How we make a difference

� What is your LIFE worth
� Choose QUALITY of LIFE
� Natural Alternative Solutions
� Reduce medication errors

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